We are so very fortunate to be able to enjoy the freedom to practise what we love. I get called so very often by farmers in need. Mostly the farmers call me to come and help protect their sheepflocks against crow attacks or their young lucern pastures against geese that are able to destroy a young lucern field within a few days if they gather in huge numbers on such a field or pasture.

Crows target the sheep ewes during the lambing season and especially the sheep ewes that give birth to more than one lamb. Usually the crows start pecking away at the newborn lamb's eyes, naval, tongue and anus. By the time the ewe is finished giving births to the second lamb, the first born lamb is dead or without eyes or a tongue. This basically happens on every singel sheep farm and most sheep farmers will confess to this. In the regions of the Northern Cape and Namakwaland this is a daily occurence during the lambing season. Crows are very oppurtunistic birds which will adapt in the blink of an eye. 

These testimonials are just from some farmers or clients thanking us or people that bought my hunting cd's or electronic caller, for their help.