My name is Jacques Kotze and I am the owner of the ScareCrow hunting website. I form part of a small team of dedicated hunters, sport shooters and wingshooters.


The idea of calling in wild birds with sounds was realized after many failed bird shooting attempts. In the begining I did not even own a shotgun and always had to be an observer at crow hunts. We only had 6 decoys which my hunting buddy bought from Ivan Jones from


We had some success with only the decoys but it still frustrated me that there were always birds in the distance that did not see our decoys and could not be turned. At that stage we also started hunting problem crows on farms which suffered damage to livestock, especially sheep lambs, but the number of crows that we downed did not nearly match the number of crows that we could see in the area.


I started looking for other ways that we could incorporate with the decoys. I realised that American wingshooters were lightyears ahead of us in artificial crow calls or using sounds to lure them in. I did some research on our local market. Except for a few localy handmade crow calls, there really was nobody that specialized in making sounds to lure birds found in South Africa.


I decided to make my own crow sounds with the aim of bagging more birds on a hunt.


I bought myself a decent and expensive recorder and started recording hours and hours of bird sounds near dams, ponds, sheep herds, road kills, dumping sites etc...


The easy part was done and I now sat with sometimes 7 hours of recordings that I had to go through just to isolate bird sounds. The recordings were cleaned up using specialized audio editors.


From the getgo we had amazing hunting results. We could call in crows from kilometers away and when they were closer to us the life like decoys did the rest of the job. 


I started selling my cd full of crow sounds to friends and hunting buddys and soon I had people calling me from different parts of South Africa that heard of my cd and experienced problems with crows.

Most of the time I gave it away but soon realized that there was a market for good quality local bird luring sounds for wing shooting.


I cannot remember how Ivan Jones and I got connected, but after that phone call everything changed.


The end product of our discussion can be seen on this website and on his website. We continually strive to better our products and try and give good quality products that are rugged, field tested and reliable. 

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